PLEASE READ THIS KYC & AML Procedures and Regulatory Compliance.

Due to their untraceable nature, cryptocurrencies are a perfect tool for money laundering and other illegal activities. The crypto market implements specific rules and regulations for services to obey.

Our partners aim to protect our customers from any fraudulent actions and are compliant with all the relevant industry regulations, such as KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) procedures.

These regulations ensure the legality of all the transactions that pass through our service. The users confirm that they are faithful citizens who don’t break the law.

Our platform incorporates services from third-party providers including the FIAT product from SAFUDEX B.V., SPOT services from Mobula Finance, Bridge services from Stargate, and NFT offerings from OpenSea. Please note that each of these entities maintains their own Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. We strongly advise you to review these policies, available on their respective websites, before using their services. We accept no responsibility for issues related to these third-party services. Pool information is updated via CoinMarketCap’s API, and any errors or inaccuracies in these updates are beyond our control. Your use of our services signifies acceptance of these terms.

KYC/AML procedure

KYC/AML procedure, an automated risk prevention system, conducts our Partners. If the system considers a transaction suspicious, the money transfer is held, and the service requires a user to confirm their identity. This protection is only in our services Cash Management and Exchange (RadioShack, Mobula, JulSwap or PancakeSwap no included).

  • A high-quality scan of any identification document and a selfie with this document;
  • Proof-of-residence
  • A source of deposited funds

Once our partners receive and check these documents, the funds are sent to the wallet provided by the user.

The KYC/AML procedure is considered to fail if the user refuses to disclose his identity or sends false documents. In this case, the funds return to the initial address within 24 hours, excluding the miner fees.

We choose the best partners to maintain the reputation of an honest and trusted service, and our partners reserve the right to apply these procedures to any person.

Any information that the authorities need about KYC/AML or our service partners, please send us an email to:

Updated Jan 01, 2023